Average cost of double glazing for a 3 bedroom house

Is there such a thing as?

  • The average double glazing cost, and
  • Is your 3 bedroom house the same as the people down the road who just had double glazed windows fitted?

These are 2 questions that can be answered simply by saying yes & no!

Cheap Double Glazing – How to get the best double glazing prices?

Double Glazed WindowsYes, there is an average price for the cost of double glazing for a 3 bed house and there are both expensive & cheap double glazing prices out there, but what that means is you will either be paying above it or below it – because the answer to the second question, which is ‘no’ will have an impact on the cost of installing the windows themselves.

Average prices can help you with the initial decision to go for double glazed windows, but it’s useless as a measure for your home. You will need a written quotation for your house to find out actual cost of the job.

Things to consider before looking for double glazing quotes.

  1. what type of windows do you want (Sash, Casement, French, Tilt & Turn)?
  2. what do you want them made from ( UPVC, timber, aluminium, hardwood)?

There are also some other price sensitive items like, coloured UPVC or Wood-grain finishes for UPVC & Aluminium. The Window Energy Rating (WER) can also impact the cost. Windows with A++ ratings (the best) usually cost more than lower rated windows.

A good option is to go to a comparison website like https://www.upvcwindowsfitted.co.uk/

Average Cost of Double Glazed Windows