Why extend or Improve your home?

There are just so many reasons why home improvements in the UK are so popular, but the 2 biggest are surely the cost of buying a new home or that the existing house is getting to small for the family – either way, “fixing it up” or extending can not only solve your problems, but can, if dome properly, add significant value to your home.

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Double Glazing – low maintenance?

Maintaining Double Glazed Windows and DoorsMost, if not all advertising for low cost double glazing will tell you that UPVC windows are ‘low maintenance’, that may be true but it does not mean that you can just fit them & forget them as they will suffer from attack by the elements and if you don’t pay attention then you could end up with some expensive remedial work to do around the house.

There are a few aspects of the window installation that you should check periodically:

  • locks & handles – are the becoming loose?
  • window beading – are the rubber seals in good shape, are they becoming brittle?
  • sealant around the window frames – is it still waterproof, are there signs of shrinkage, cracking or detaching from the frames?
  • drain holes & trickle vents – are they clean and free from obstructions?
  • sealed glazed units – are there signs of condensation within the ‘gap’

These simple checks are easy to do every few months and could, for example, prevent serious internal damage from damp being caused. You should also take the time to wash down the frames as well as cleaning the glass as this will prevent discoloration over time.

ask your window cleaner to do it (may cost a few pound extra, but well worth it in the long run).

Maintaining Double Glazed Windows and Doors