New & Replacement Sash Windows

Having Sash windows in your home certainly adds a lot of character, But when they start to fail, getting them replaced can be an area of frustration. Here is our quick guide to Sash window designs & how much do Sash windows cost.

Older models were often made of softwood, leaving them open to attack by wood-rot and insect attack. Lot’s of times they would become loose in their frames and in some-cases even got painted shut to stop draughts.

Modern products have addressed the long term issues and you will now find products that are very secure, long lasting and energy efficient.

Sash Windows, How Much Will They Cost?

Really, there are 2 main products in the market:

  1. Timber Sash Windows.
  2. UPVC Sash Windows.

However, if there are no local planning restrictions, you could opt for “mock” Sash windows. These are designs that superficially look the same but operate like an awning casement window (hinges on the top of the frame).

Typically the windows will be “single hung”. That means only the bottom half of the window opens. Double hung versions allow for both the top and the bottom half to open.

Timber Sashes will cost more than UPVC Sashes, but both will be more costly than a standard casement window design.

You may be able to refurbish your existing windows, but expect to pay around £250 for the work, per window.

Tilt & Turn UPVC Sash Windows

There is an option for a unique sash version, this is the Tilt & Turn. This design has special hinges which allow the moving section to rotate almost 180 degrees within the frame – a great option for easy cleaning from inside the room.

To learn more about all the different types of replacement windows in the market and get free price quotations, take a look at


Sash Windows, How Much Will They Cost?