Good reasons to replace old wooden doors.

Front and Back DoorsThe primary reason for replacing older wooden doors, especially softwood doors has to be family security – do you really need any other good reason to switch to uPVC double glazed front doors, if you do, how about the very reasonable cost of front doors prices at the moment.

How Much do uPVC Doors Cost? | Front and Back Doors Prices

In terms of family security, this has to come first, gone are the days when you could leave your front door open all day and not worry about it. There were 35,740 burglaries just in July 2013 – that’s almost half a million per year! With about 24 million houses in the UK it could mean an incredible 1 in 50 houses get burgled. (UK crime

What security features do UPVC Doors have?

All around the frame, built into the doors are multiple locking points; this means that the doors are fixed to the frame on the sides, top & bottom.

  • 5 lever mortise high security main door cylinders – almost impossible to pick.
  • Anti-tamper locks that defeat ‘bumping’ & ‘snapping’
  • Toughened safety glass / laminated glass
  • Steel reinforced frames
  • Internally reinforced door panels

It’s not too big a claim to make that once a uPVC door is closed & locked it stays that way – there have even been instances where the British Police have failed to get through them using a battering ram In my humble opinion, if you don’t already have a high quality uPVC Doors already fitted to your home, you should do you & your family a big service & get one fitted as soon as possible.

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