Environmental Factors Associated with UPVC Doors

It is now common to find most houses with uPVC doors installed. Studies have shown that uPVC doors will have a much lesser impact on the environment than other types of material.

They are the perfect choice for any discerning homeowner. Beauty is key, with the added bonus of being low maintenance.

Modern uPVC doors can look like timber doors, but it isn’t real. When doors were made with metal they used up 2/3 more energy than uPVC doors. Also these doors are easily recyclable.

Other products can be used from the same material by using the scrap. Because these doors do not need to be painted, there is no worry about the disposal of toxic paints and stains.

By having them you will be able to save up to 58% on your energy consumption which will save you more money – see more on prices at doubleglazingpriceguide.org.uk/residential-doors/fully-fitted-doors-prices

 UPVC Residential Doors

Since uPVC materials never rot, there is no need for repainting, sanding or filling in holes. All you need to do to keep your doors looking fresh is to give them a quick clean down with a damp cloth, simple.

Your door frames will never be eaten by pests such as termites either. These doors will also withstand any weather conditions. They will withstand sea spray, rain, ice and snow. They can even extinguish fires. Because the uPVC material is so strong, it is difficult to break through

They are so energy efficient

that the need for insulated drapes and curtains are for privacy purposes only. So not only are you saving money on your energy bills and insurance you are also reducing your carbon footprint at the same time.

This gives the opportunity to live in a much greener home. The secret to energy efficient homes is thermal doors. The most heat or cool air is lost through the doors.

Another important fact is also the noise reduction. Noise can affect sleep, work performance and health conditions. By using uPVC doors you will be able to reduce noise levels. The advantages are endless and will almost certainly improve the quality of life in your home.

A UPVC or composite door can provide up to seventy-five percent noise reduction in a home office. No pesky bird noises while you are trying to concentrate.

Fully Fitted UPVC Residential Doors