How have modern Sash windows improved?

Having grown up in a house with old timber sash windows, I can tell you from personal experience about the list of annoyances they can produce once they decide to go wrong.

So what type of problems were there and how do moderns sash windows improve upon them?

Modern Sash WindowsTypical older sash window issues.

  1. broken sash cords
  2. loose moving panels
  3. moving panels that jam
  4. windows”painted” shut (or slightly open – even worse)
  5. dodgy locks
  6. single glazing
  7. gaps allowing wind & water to come in
  8. wood-rot
  9. single glazing
  10. condensation from single glazing

These are probably the 10 most common problems face by those homes with old timer box sash windows.

Features of modern sash windows.

The cords are synthetic material and much stronger and therefore much longer lasting and less likely to break. The tracks in the sides are tighter fit and fitted with brushes to keep out draughts.

modern sash windows

Alternatives to ropes and counter weights are spring loaded tensioners. So no ropes to snap – this also keeps the frames slimmer.

Modern locks keep the windows secure, whilst double glazing does away with condensation problems.

Todays’ timbers are well treated to prevent rot, and material like upvc are impervious to such a thing. With UPVC, it does not need to be painted and therefore no peeling and no way to paint them shut anymore. Coloured UPVC is available in up to around 12 or 15 options.

To find out more about the features and styling for modern sash windows take a look at this article: All you need to know about sash windows cost.

Modern Sash Windows