How much do new or replacement windows cost? simple question at first look, but there is more to getting an accurate answer than you might think. Her we look at some of the factors that influence the cost of double glazed replacement windows.

  • Material

The choice of what the window frames are made of is going to have a big influence on the cost of your replacement windows. UPVC is relatively cheaper than both aluminium or hardwood timber.  Softwood is cheap but engineered timbers here are better for long term use – although costlier.

Coloured frames for UPVC & aluminium will also cost more if you want them.

  • Size of order

The number of windows and doors you are buying (at the same time) is a costing factor. An order for multiple windows will cost less “per window” than if you are buying just one or 2 windows.

  • Energy efficiency

How efficient your new windows are at keeping in the heat is defined by the Window Energy Rating label or WER for short. The better the rating (A++) the higher the likely cost. Adding gas filled 28mm units with solar glass (low-e) is going to push up the price.

Chambered frames for both UPVC & Aluminium come in different specifications. As a loose guide, the more chambers the frame profile has, the more energy efficient the frame is – and the higher the likely cost.

  • Supplier

Prices vary a lot from place to place and from installer to installer. The best way to deal with this is to get multiple quotes from 4 or 5 installers and compare what they are offering.. You should then negotiate on the deal that you like best.


So, “How much do new or replacement windows cost?” is not one single price. You can only judge once you have a proper written quote. However, you can find a rough guide here: replacement windows cost guide

New or Replacement Windows Cost